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New Tekken 7 Character – Josie Rizal from the Philippines

Josie Rizal - Tekken 7

Tekken 7 has a new character and it is a Filipina named Josie Rizal. Fighting style of Josie is Eskrima & Kick Boxing.

Watch Josie Rizal Tekken 7 Video

Goodbye Sulit! is now

Since starting in 2006, sulit has been a household name, the term “sulit” was really a very good name for a classified ads site. But now that OLX Philippines had merged with sulit, they are now going to use the OLX brand instead of sulit.

Sulit to OLX

In my opinion, they should have retained the sulit brand then just rebranded it as sulit by OLX or sulit powered by OLX. You just don’t change a household name no matter how big you are in other countries and OLX does not ring a bell for any Filipino.

The day Taylor Swift crashed SM Tickets

Update: is back online!

Yesterday March 7 at 10am, started selling tickets for Taylor Swift Live in Manila 2014 but a few minutes after 10am, crashed and cannot be accessed anymore and before 12noon according to people buying at SM Ticket Outlets, Taylor Swift Live in Manila Tickets were already sold out.

Taylor Swift crashes

Intelligence starring Josh Holloway – Philippine Premiere on February 11

If you were a fan of the TV show Lost, one of the most popular character on that show was Sawyer, played by Josh Holloway. After more than 3 years, Josh Holloway is back on TV with the new series, Intelligence. Intelligence will have its Philippine Premiere on Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 9:55pm on RTL-CBS Entertainment and RTL-CBS HD on Skycable.


Intelligence is described as a dramatic thriller with Josh Holloway as Gabriel, an advanced intelligence agent with a super-computer microchip in his brain. Gabriel is the first human ever to be connected directly into the worldwide information grid, equipping him with near infinite data and special skills.

Watch the Official Trailer of Intelligence

Globe Tattoo now offers Prepaid LTE

Globe Tattoo Prepaid LTE (Faster surfing speed of 42 Mbps *Minimum speed of 12-48 kbps and minimum service reliability of 80% )

LTE Mobile Wi-Fi (and Powerbank) (Up to 10 devices / 1,780 mAh) = P4,995

LTE stick = P3,995

GGT Updates for July 2013

We look back at the Games, Gadgets and Tech that were announced or released last July 2013.

July 31 – Meralco launches the eVehicle Power Station

July 27 – Samsung launches Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

July 26 – MyPhone launches MyPhone Agua Iceberg

July 25 – LG launches LG Optimus G Pro

July 24 – Huawei and Globe announces availability of Huawei Ascend P6 with Globe plans

July 23 – Nokia announces the Nokia Lumia 625 with LTE

July 11 – Nokia announces the Nokia Lumia 1020, 41MP Windows Phone